The Academy aims to provide an organisation for educators and practitioners interested in marketing theory and research.  More specifically, the Academy has the purpose to:

  • Provide an Australia/New Zealand network in the field of research in marketing;

  • Provide a forum for research presentations and evaluations;

  • Provide publication outlets for high quality research;

  • Support young researchers in the marketing field;

  • Foster a broad variety of methodological approaches and research issues in marketing, and encourage cross-fertilisation between approaches;

  • Develop an agenda of research topics;

  • Recognise contributions to the marketing discipline;

  • To carry out any activity which the Academy considers to promote any or all the purposes as set out above.

Upcoming events

Opportunity for co-editor of Journal of Services marketing

Professor Steve Baron is stepping down from the co-editorship of Journal of Services Marketing at the end of March 2018. 

If you are interested in being the co-editor of the journal, and you have a senior academic role, please send a proposal to the Emerald publisher Richard Whitfield indicating how you would help take the journal forward.

CLICK HERE for full details

Australasian Marketing Journal

Read the latest issue of the 

Australasian Marketing Journal

AMJ Editor in Chief vacancy

The term of the Editor of the Australasian Marketing Journal will expire at the end of 2018 and the ANZMAC Executive Committee is looking for the new Editor-in-Chief (EIC) for the Academy’s journal, the Australasian Marketing Journal (AMJ).

CLICK HERE for full details

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