Executive Committee 2020

    EC member   Institution  Position

    Robert Aitken

    The University of Otago


    Chair of Strategy sub-committee

    Lucie Ozanne

    The University of Canterbury

    Vice President

    Chair of Awards sub-committee

    Engagement and impact sub-committee

    Paul Harrigan

    The University of Western Australia

    Vice President

    Chair of Communications and website sub-committee

    Journal support sub-committee

    Jodie Conduit

    The University of Adelaide

    Strategy sub-committee

    Linda Robinson




    Chair of Conferences sub-committee

    Strategy sub-committee

    Denni Arli

    Griffith University

    Chair of International sub-committee

    Chair of Doctoral colloquium sub-committee

    Frank Alpert 

    The University of Queensland

    Chair of Engagement and impact sub-committee

    Strategy sub-committee

    Aron O'Cass

    Macquarie University


    Engagement and impact sub-committee

    Jungkeun Kim

    Auckland University of Technology

    Chair of Journal support sub-committee

    Awards sub-committee

    International sub-committee

    Billy Sung

    Curtin University

    Communications and website sub-committee

    Engagement and impact sub-committee

    International sub-committee


    Fellow representatives

    Kindly representing ANZMAC's Fellows as Advisors to the Executive Committee will be:

    Malcolm Wright from Massey University

    Liliana Bove from The University of Melbourne

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