ANZMAC is a very large and international community with well over 300 individual and 32 institutional members (2022), plus 18 active Fellows and 7 Honorary Fellows. We are very proud as a community that over two-thirds of our institutional members have been with us for at least three years in a row, some of them even longer. We are very grateful for your continuous commitment. We are also very enthusiastic about having a large international community supporting us with over 25% of our individual members coming from countries outside of Australia and New Zealand.

As you know, ANZMAC is the premier marketing organisation supporting institutions with their push towards improved research and teaching within the marketing discipline.  Our journal the Australasian Marketing Journal (AMJ) was recently upgraded to an A-ranked journal. A community like ANZMAC aims to develop its flagship journal by strengthening its readership in the region and extending it to the United States and Europe. To further support our journal’s position, in 2021 we secured a beneficial contract with Sage. As well as being an institution which supports ANZMAC initiatives generally, your Institutional Membership will allow your staff and doctoral students to access other benefits, such as awards, events and conference travel grants.

There are two categories of ANZMAC membership:

  • Individuals, whether academic or practitioner, use the individual membership category. This is AU$120 per annum (and is included as part of an ANZMAC conference registration).
  • Institutional membership relates to the membership of an academic institution as a whole, with the fee dependent on the number of full time academic staff in employment there. Institutional Member cost is AU$600 (with 1-9 FTE academics) or AU$1100 (with 10 or more FTE academics).

    NOTE: Institutional membership does not include individual membership. 


ANZMAC Institutional Member benefits

Institutional Membership non-financial benefits include: 

  • Eligibility for the ANZMAC-Layton Dissertation Award, designed to recognise the best completed PhD in Australia/NZ. Only Institutional Members are eligible to nominate their best PhD student for the ANZMAC-Layton award.
  • Affiliation with the leading academic Australasian Marketing Association – which is useful in demonstrating community engagement for certification schemes such as AACSB and EQUIS.
  • We have started a strategic initiative to explore options for creating value for our individual and institutional members, and will be in touch to encourage your feedback in shaping ANZMAC’s future.

Institutional Membership financial benefits include: 

  • Discounts for research students attending the annual ANZMAC conference.  Research students from Institutional Member universities receive a discount of AUD $100 on their ANZMAC Doctoral Colloquium registration fees.
  • Discounts for PhD students attending mid-year doctoral events. Research students from Institutional Members will be eligible for reduced registration costs.
  • Discounts for faculty attending the annual ANZMAC conference: Faculty from Institutional Member universities receive a discount of AUD $100 on their conference registration fees.
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