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March 2018

Welcome to the start of a busy first semester in 2018! The ANZMAC Executive Committee have been working on several projects that will benefit the ANZMAC community. I’ll take this as an opportunity to provide some updates and to share some useful information:

2017 DC & Conference

The DC and Conference Chairs at RMIT have confirmed another successful annual event. Many thanks to Tim Fry, Linda Brennan, Linda Robinson, Bernardo Figueiredo and Ingo Karpen for taking the leadership role and demonstrating positive stewardship of the Academy. The conference proceedings are available on the ANZMAC website, or HERE. Overall, the conference provided an excellent venue to exchange latest research, collaborate and catch up, and of course, to celebrate the achievements of our 2017 ANZMAC Award winners:

  • Emerging Marketing Educator - Mehmet (Michael) Mehmet, Charles Sturt University
  • Distinguished Marketing Educator - Vinh N. Lu, Australian National University
  • Emerging Researcher – Yuri Seo, University of Auckland
  • Distinguished Researcher – Adrian Payne, University of New South Wales
  • ANZMAC Layton Dissertation Award – Davide C. Orazi (PhD Uni. Of Melbourne) “A Structural Reductionist Investigation on the Persuasiveness of Social Marketing Communications Targeting Compulsive Consumptions. Supervisors Liliana Bove and Jing Lei
  • ANZMAC Low and Middle Income Early Career Asia/Asia-Pacific Country Scholarship - Angeline Gautami Fernando, VIT University Chennai.


We are always striving to improve the conference experience for members and you may have noticed an email from us, asking you to complete a conference feedback survey. If you haven’t already done so, please take a few minutes to complete the survey. Your voice is valuable and will provide direction for our conference organising and associated initiatives.


At the 2017 Annual General Meeting of members, I mentioned that we have invested in a new membership database. The system (Wild Apricot) enables us to generate a clearer picture of who our members are and to identify associated patterns of engagement. A sample report has been created by Kate Daellenbach, our Memberships Subcommittee Chair (and Vice President). Please access it HERE to see more.

You may have recently received an email from ELSEVIER about your access to the AMJ. You received this because we updated our membership list so that you can receive electronic access to the journal. Please follow the instructions that were provided to you. In case you are having trouble finding that email, you can also find the instructions if a pdf document HERE.

International presence

In working toward extending the reach and presence of the Academy, ANZMAC is part of a progressive global marketing group called GAMMA (Global Alliance of Marketing and Management Alliance). GAMMA was created to provide global benefits and global cooperation to participating organisations. In addition to ANZMAC it includes other member organisations such as the Korean Scholars of Marketing Science and European Marketing Academy. ANZMAC also maintains strong collaborations with several other international parties such as KSMS. These global collaborations have consistently led to valuable joint initiatives including joint symposiums (such as the recent ANZMAC-GAMMA Symposium in Melbourne 2017), as well as a range of Special Issues.

These collaborations have allowed participating groups to explore marketing trends from different perspectives and share leading research on a global platform. The many resulting conferences, symposiums and special issues showcase the value of having such international collaborations.

Looking forward, ANZMAC will be represented by Ian Phau and Laszlo Sajtos at the 2018 Global Marketing Conference at Tokyo, held July 26-29. It is shaping up to be an exciting conference and will include an ANZMAC-GAMMA Joint Symposium with the theme of “Marketing Revolution in an Interconnected World”. Accepted papers will be considered for publication in the Australasian Marketing Journal, Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science and the Journal of Global Fashion Marketing. Many thanks to Ian Phau, Chair of the International sub-committee for organising these alliances and events.


At the 2017 conference, we launched the ANZMAC Special Interest Groups (SIGS) to promote collegiality and support impactful new research. This initiative brought together more than 70 academics and PhD students from 12 Universities in Australia and overseas. We currently have five active SIGs including:

  • Retail: Competing Beyond Price (Sean Sands; Harmen Oppewal)
  • The Role of Emotions in Choice Models (John Roberts; Ujwal Kayande)
  • Frontline Employees (Phyra Sok; Cheryl Leo; Chatura Ranaweera)
  • Business-to-Business Marketing (Sudha Mani; Erik Mooi)
  • Market Shaping and Innovation (Julia Fehrer; Carolin Plewa)

Leaders of the SIGs currently are working with their members on research grant applications for funding. We expect to have a special session at the 2018 ANZMAC conference where each SIG will briefly present a report to update the academic community on their progress.

The SIGs are community-based groups and additional members are always welcome. If you would like more information about existing SIGs, please contact the SIG leaders. If you would like to discuss SIGs more generally, please contact the Yelena Tsarenko, SIG Chair and see the Terms of Reference HERE.

Strategy Challenge

Strategy Challenge: How well do you know marketing? Can you plan, develop and implement the best marketing strategy to be crowned the 2018 ANZMAC Strategy champion?

The ANZMAC Strategy Challenge pits the best minds from leading universities against each other, in a winner-take-all online strategy simulation.

In 2017, several universities from Australia and New Zealand competed, with the University of New South Wales taking the prize. The winning team – Jake An, Vicki Andonopoulos and Jonas Heller – were relentless in their development and implementation of cutting-edge strategy.

For the 2018 challenge, teams of three players will be assigned to operate an athletic footwear company that produces and markets both branded and private-label footwear products. These companies will compete head-to-head against companies run by members from other universities.

If you think you have what it takes, contact Gavin Northey ( to register your team.

Research News

As Chair of the Research and Engagement sub-committee, Michael Polonsky is sharing the following research update with us regarding the Australian Business Dean’s Council (ABDC) Journal Review:

The ABDC is undertaking a review of the methodology used within the journal ranking system. This is being undertaken by Professor Kim Langfield-Smith, Emeritus Professor at Monash University in Australia and a Principal at Nous Group, and Professor Geoffrey Wood, Dean and Professor of International Business at Essex Business School in England. At this point however, there is no indication of what the revised process will involve. There have been at least two media releases about this – the links are below for your reference:  and

There have been several global discussions about research assessment and the use of metrics, including the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment. We encourage you to learn more about this so that you can be informed and contribute to the conversation. Please click on the link

On a related topic, there was an interesting editorial in JAMS discussing the future of marketing departments in business schools, which while not specifically about our research, does examine our broader positioning. The reference is: Steenkamp, J.B.E. (2018). "The future of the marketing department at business schools." Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 46, 169-172.

Research is integral to our academic roles, our contribution to society and to our performance metrics both within our institutions and more broadly. We believe it might be worthwhile to start a discussion forum inviting your contributions about research metrics for our discipline, the ABDC journal review, and related matters. A productive conversation will help our community to better understand how our marketing discipline is positioned, what the threats are, and where we should seek opportunities. What should we better understand today, to create a positive and impactful future? We welcome your contributions as Professors, mid-career academics, early career academics, and PhD students.

To access the discussion board you will have to be logged into the ANZMAC website. To log in please click the “Log in” tab above the ANZMAC Logo on the ANZMAC home page. Enter your email address. If you cannot remember your password then click the ”Forgot password” link to reset another password. Once you are logged in you will be able to access the discussion forum by navigating to “Community/Social forum” from the home page. Then click on the topic 'Research Metrics for Marketing'. To add a comment to the Forum please click “Reply” when you wish to make a contribution.

Industry Engagement News

ANZMAC is seeking to develop relationships with appropriate industry bodies to ensure that the research needs of the marketing profession are considered within our activities. We have had preliminary meetings with one body and will be organising meetings with several others. The goal is to have a broad set of links that appropriately represent the Marketing Profession. If you have any suggestions on industry bodies that we should be contacting please pass on the relevant contact details to Michael Polonsky, who is coordinating these activities.

2018 Mid-year Doctoral Colloquium

The mid-year DC will be hosted at Deakin Business School in Melbourne on 21–22 June 2018, and will be co-chaired by Nichola Robertson and Riza Casidy. Paper submissions are due by 31st August 2018 - please see the information brochure on the ANZMAC website for further details. The ANZMAC mid-year doctoral colloquium is a well-regarded opportunity to engage with like-minded PhD students, and to receive feedback on work-in-progress from established and leading scholars. ANZMAC is proud to support this initiative for the benefit of our community members.

2018 ANZMAC Conference

The 2018 ANZMAC conference is well underway, co-chaired by Jodie Conduit, Carolin Plewa and Dean Wilkie of the University of Adelaide Business School. The conference location is the National Wine Centre of Australia, Adelaide, and the dates are 3-5 December 2018. The end-of-year DC will be held on 1-2 December 2018, at the Adelaide Business School, University of Adelaide, and is being organised by Rod Brodie and Rebecca Dolan. Updates will be sent throughout the year but for now, please enter the key dates into your calendar. In the interim, if you would like to sponsor this event and haven’t had a chance to review the materials, please see the sponsorship prospectus here. A new initiative that might be of interest is the potential to create your own track – an option that is available for exploration until 31st March 2018. Please contact Jodie Conduit for further details.

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